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      Dacromet system is composed of a dry chromium inorganic polymer which bonds metallic zinc flake to surface. Dacromet on ferrous substrates is a blank in China now. As a significant surface treatment, Dacromet is 7-10 times superior to zinc elestroplating; It is free from hydrogen embrittlement, most suitable to high strength steel. The durability of Dacromnt after exposure to high temperature of 300℃ is excellent, suitable to the engine parts of automobile and motorcycle. Besides, Dacromet treatment has outstanding features such as excellent throwing power, excellent adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, excellent weatherability,less friction coefficient and no pollution control problems.
....Dacromet treatment can be applied to substrates such as ferrous materials, aluminum, magnesium and their alloys, copper, nickel, zinc and their alloys.
....Dacromet treatment will take the place of zinc electroplating, cadmium electroplating, Hot dip galvanization, zinc m

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