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Our company is located in the Ningbo Beilun Economic and Technological Development Zone Dagang Industrial Park, founded in 2001, the registered capital of 2.38 million, the introduction of the worlds advanced technology and production complex dacromet coating equipment lines, with modern factories and office buildings, with Standardization of laboratory and related facilities. The company has strong technical force, strict quality guarantee system, advanced product quality testing equipment and advanced Dacromet developed technical standards, such as the U.S. standard, the Japanese Industrial Standard, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, General Motors standards . The companys management policies and strict way, and actively introduce advanced management technology to establish a sound internal management system. The company quality management as a key link in enterprise management, and has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. Strengthen quality management, continuous improvement of product quality, meet customer requirements. .... Dacromet (also known as the Dark Music, Dark Rust, zinc chrome film, Dake Man, etc.). The sheet of zinc chromate-based coating, is the worlds high-tech surface treatment, electroplating technology is the best alternative to the existing process. .... Dacromet with excellent performance. Strong corrosion resistance, such as: electro-galvanized is 7 --- than 10 times; no hydrogen embrittlement particularly applicable to high-intensity mechanical parts; high heat, heat temperature of 300 degrees. Especially suitable for automotive, motorcycle engine component parts of high-strength; addition also has a high permeability, high anti-friction properties, high resistance to weather performance, high stability and chemical resistance no environmental pollution. At present, Europe and America

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